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Infomation on Korea

Some of the information may contain Korean Hangul (KSC-5601/ISO-2022-kr) code, so you may need additional software (Macintosh / Windows) in order to browse such pages.

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Info on South Korea (ROK)

  • Seoul National University
  • College of Law
  • Graduate School of Public Administration
  • Graduate Institute for International and Area Studies
  • Library
  • Korea University
  • Law Reserch Institute
  • Faculty of Law (Hangul ONLY)
  • Yeungnam University
  • Pusan University
  • Yonsei University
  • Dacom
  • Geographical Information on South Korea (by CIA)
  • Korean Studies at U.C. Berkeley
  • List of Korea related sites
  • Korean History
  • Info on North Korea (DPRK)

  • Info on North Korean Foreign Investment Related Laws
  • Info on Rajin-Songbong Free Economy Trade Zone
  • Info on KEDO

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